Custom Work 

Nothing makes me happier than creating a special, one-of-a-kind work of art, just for you. If you are in need a gift or would like something unique for a particular spot in your home or office, please contact me. For inspiration, here are a few of my most requested projects. 

The Victorious.jpg


Special Events

Whether it be for your business, a special event, or a fundraising gala, I can create a custom piece to signify the event. This piece, entitled "The Victorious," was created for a Reopening Celebration of St. George in Knoxville, Tennessee after a devastating fire destroyed their Cathedral. The work includes mosaics from the original iconography.


Family Feast Days

All of your family feast days in one piece. Icons are 5x5 inches framed on a wood board. Layout is customized based on number of icons and personal preference. Great gift for an anniversary, engagement, and Mother's & Father's Day. 

Family Board1.jpg
Family Board3_edited.jpg
Family Board2.jpg
Wedding Music Art.jpg
The Salutations.jpeg


Moments in Time

Create a statement piece based on your story. Past projects include wedding memories, family manuscripts, and musical compositions significant to a special moment in my client's life. 


Celebration Favors

Bulk orders only. Icon of your choice on 3x3 inch finished canvases, made to order and packaged in a plastic sleeve. 


Each painting is one-of-a-kind, making them perfect for wedding or baptism favors.

mini icons.jpg
2016-05-16 16.48.45.jpg